EDC is top PH company admired by international CSR pros

Monday, January 16th, 2017

CSR Asia Weekly, a publication distributed in the Asia-Pacific Region, ranked Energy Development Corporation (EDC) first in the Philippines   and no. 6 in Asia Pacific among companies that Corporate Social Responsibility professionals admire.

The result was culled from a survey conducted among 500 CSR managers, consultants and NGO professionals by CSR Asia, one of the leading providers of research, training and advisory services on sustainable business practices in Asia.

According to the published report, EDC, a new entry in the list of outstanding companies doing sustainable CSR work, was given a thumbs up for programs they have implemented that seek to improve the lives of the people and protection of the environment.  

Apart from being a global diversified renewable power company, EDC’s Health, Education, Livelihood, and Environment (HELEn) program has been recognized countless times for its success and sustainability.  More recently, environmentalists and Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Regina Paz O. Lopez lauded the company for identifying and rescuing all of its 96 flagship premium, endangered native tree species under its BINHI Tree for the Future program.

 “In many ways the result of this exercise is no surprise. These companies are communicating their sustainability efforts and consistently score well in sustainability rankings,” CSR Weekly said in its report.

“We know that sustainability is recognized as an important part of many businesses, the extent to which companies are really operationalizing the concept still varies significantly. For some, sustainability is at the heart of its business strategy and is considered in all decisions and it sits on top of its list. However, for many, social and environmental issues are simply an add-on to business as usual,” the report added.

EDC is the country’s leading producer of geothermal energy and a multi-awarded Filipino company in the areas of geothermal development, environmental excellence, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.