BINHI, EDC’s flagship environmental program, is a nationwide greening and reforestation program. It is the Philippines’ first comprehensive private sector-led reforestation program, which started in 2009.

Located deep in forested areas, the Company’s geothermal operations rely heavily on healthy watersheds. We go beyond producing clean and renewable energy, as the BINHI program has successfully restored local forestlands, with millions of trees over thousands of hectares.

BINHI aims to restore denuded forests, preserve and propagate threatened native tree species, and protect biodiversity to leave a verdant Philippines for the next generation.

Reforestation and Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest Areas

Trees play an important role in maintaining geothermal reservoirs due to their capability to hold water and release it deep into the earth. These trees purify rainwater before releasing it into natural channels such as streams and groundwater reserves, recharging the geothermal reservoirs.

BINHI’s reforestation projects revolve around native tree species, which support local flora and fauna better. Moreover, these native tree species are better suited to withstand ecological changes in their localities. Through BINHI, over 6.4 million trees have been planted nationwide.

To make reforestation efforts on this scale possible, EDC works with farmer cooperatives, providing technical assistance, facilities, and training and capacity-building sessions.

Rescue and Propagation

At the heart of BINHI is the mission to save rare and threatened native tree species from all over the Philippines.

96 premium rare native tree species were identified to be searched for propagation, with some of these species even feared to be long gone. In 2015, all 96 target tree specimens were found in the wild, and now serve as the key to preserving their species.

These tree specimens are propagated through the Company’s Vegetative Material Reproduction (VMR) facilities, and the resulting seedlings are planted with BINHI’s partners across the country.