Job: Commercial Analyst

Position Commercial Analyst
Function Analyst
General Function

The Commercial Team is responsible for ensuring BU’s achievement of financial targets by planning, developing, recommending, and following through with business strategies – through the use of financial data, model forecasting, business case analysis and major contracts negotiations or management. He / She must regularly track, monitor, report and advise the BU and executive management on operational, contractual, and financial matters for management visibility and over-all risk management.

  1. Financial Analysis – Evaluate and ensure financial viability of the BU by developing financial models and business case analyses of investments. Gather, interpret, and analyze various data in order to produce a viable project model that accurately forecasts business scenarios to support decision-making. Champion and lead leveraging of data management and analytics practice in the company.
  2. Project Reporting – Collate, summarize, and present relevant information in order to communicate effectively to different parties regarding the current status, as well as the future plans for the BU. Prepare presentations for executive management, the Board of Directors, as well as financial status reports and management committee reports.
  3. Project Management – Supervise, coordinate, monitor and administer contract obligations, permits compliance, and site management activities, in collaboration with other groups, in order to enhance or maintain the “value level” of the BU. Participates in various BU projects, assessment activities and meetings. Monitor compliance with requirements of contractual agreements; coordinates with various internal and external stakeholders; assess BU issues, recommend solutions and oversee the implementation of solutions; review commercial, legal, tax and regulatory issues relevant to the BU; and over-all risk management.
  4. Due Diligence – Research on industry trends; conduct strategic and financial analysis on potential BU projects, initiatives, marketing strategies and investments; identify critical issues and evaluate regulatory, environmental and socio-cultural requirements. 
  5. Negotiation – Develop strategies for the execution of BU projects; lead contract negotiations and assessment of deal-breaker issues, specially on the commercial-side; review and recommend possible agreements in order to ensure that the BU risk profile is minimized; coordinate requirements and integrate contractual requirements with business operations in order to create value for the company.
  6. Financing / Budgeting – Recommend BU investments, appropriate capital allocation and annual cash flow plans in order to protect the company’s interest while ensuring reliability and continuity (and growth) of BU operations and top-line & bottom-line contribution.
  7. P&L Management – Monitor and administer major contracts, critical permits compliance; coordinate site operation activities with financial targets; and initiate growth or improvement activities in order to ensure the BU is operating at the optimum level to reach P&L targets.
  • Masters/College degree in Business Administration, Computational Finance or Financial Engineering
  • Adept at Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Risk Assessment and Credit Analytics
  • 1-5 years experience in Credit Research and Analysis, Project Management, Corporate Planning, Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Advanced knowledge in Microsoft Excel
  • May require travel to different project sites
  • Has curiosity and interest in understanding and analyzing company and its processes in depth
Position Level PT
Employment Status Regular
Unit/Location LGBU/Head Office
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