Congratulations! You are qualified for the Green Energy Option Program. You are one click closer to clean energy.

The Green Energy Option Program (GEOP) is an initiative of the Department of Energy (DOE) that aims to empower business owners to choose renewable energy (RE) as their exclusive source of electricity. This will benefit thousands of businesses in the Philippines with an average monthly billing of Php 190,000.


Participation is solely by choice. Business owners can choose to go back to their electric utility if they are unsatisfied with their RE supplier’s service. They can as easily leave their utility again and contract with an RE supplier if they choose.


Business owners must inform their incumbent electric utility of their decision to switch. The utility and their preferred RE supplier will inform them of the technical, commercial, and legal arrangements needed to implement the contract. Any financial obligations to their incumbent utility must be settled prior to switching.


Benefits of GEOP:


  • Clean and Renewable energy
  • Customers who switch to GEOP may enjoy zero VAT on their generation charges.
  • Cost-competitive services


Existing businesses with an electricity demand of 100kW and up for the last 12 months can directly contract with RE suppliers.