EDC has been providing support to education since 1993. Over the years, the company’s education program has evolved from the initial focus on building community relations to more strategic support focused on creating a lasting impact on the communities

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SIKAT, a Filipino word for sunshine or ray, represents education’s purpose to shine a beam of light as it lay the foundation for real development in any society and its capacity to break intergenerational poverty.


SIKAT expresses EDC’s aspirations for all its scholars across the country. The company believes that investing in quality education regardless of their track, whether academic or technical-vocation, will help transform the scholars into future change-drivers in their respective host communities and spheres of influence.


SIKAT also highlights the education program’s complementation with the company’s environment program, BINHI. Advocacy for environmental sustainability and renewable energy is integrated in the education program, honing students not just to be academically excellent but also champions for the environment.


The tagline “Igniting the Future” emphasizes on the purpose of education to ignite and utilize a student’s spark of genius to create a personalized roadmap to a meaningful future. As students mature, graduate, and move on to higher education and careers, their passions may evolve or translate into lifelong meaningful purpose. No matter the direction, when a spark is ignited and a student’s strengths are maximized, that individual can become an outstanding, confident, and successful contributor to society.


studied/studying at the University of the Philippines and various local state universities and colleges across all project sites


have been produced with 1 graduating as Summa Cum Laude, 18 as Magna Cum Laude, and 26 as Cum Laude

Public Schools

assisted during National Schools Maintenance Week or “Brigada Eskwela”

Elementary Learners

annual recipients of school supplies and other materials

EDC is also supporting two educational foundations


KEITECH is a technical-vocational training center based in Leyte providing full scholarships and employment placement support after graduation to poor but deserving students. Since its establishment in 2009, the foundation has produced more than a thousand graduates in the construction sector, the metal and engineering sector, and the tourism services, with a 100% passing rate in all NC II competencies offered and a 96% employment rate.

To date, KEITECH already has 1,258 graduates of its technical/vocational training program.


MAFI has provided academic scholarship grants to 287 deserving youth in Mindanao since its establishment in 1993. Around 78% of all scholars of MAFI are from IP communities within the 20-km radius of Mt. Apo Natural Park (MANP).

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