Sustainability at EDC

Sharing value and strengthening our sustainability reporting practice

Our Value Chain

Our Revitalized Sustainability Framework

In 2016, EDC set itself on the green path when our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Federico R. Lopez, with support from all the subsidiaries of First Philippine Holdings Corporation (FPH), announced that the company would forego investments in coal and only pursue clean energy. But, even prior to this directive, EDC was already challenging the norms and breaking the mold for energy companies, with our focus on providing people with cleaner, low-carbon energy options, and our commitment to sustainability throughout our operations.

Our track record of reporting enabled other subsidiaries of FPH to begin their own reporting practice. FPH then set out to develop its own Sustainability Policy, which was subsequently adopted by all its subsidiaries. The policy embodies the group’s commitment to improve people’s lives, care for the environment, and contribute to the positive transformation of the Philippines through responsible growth and investments. In this effort, we continue to be guided by our Lopez values—nationalism, integrity, social justice, unity, excellence, and a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit for the service of our nation.

The FPH Sustainability Roadmap (2015 – 2019)

Reporting on sustainability allows us to ensure that we comply with environmental standards and maintain strong relationships with our host communities. While EDC’s Performance Report allows us to communicate how we manage our operations in a sustainable manner, we continue to look for ways to improve and enhance our reporting.

For this report, EDC explores the transition to a new way of monitoring and managing our performance using the International Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework. The IR Framework focuses on the concept of capitals—stocks of values that an organization uses to carry out its activities and operations. Capitals are not fixed and can change over time: some stocks of capital will increase, while some may decrease.

The IR Framework is an attempt to understand how our organization uses these different capitals to create and share value. As such, on top of looking at our key performance indicators (KPIs) through the lens of the GRI Standards, we are now also looking at them through the added lens of capitals and how they create value.

Stakeholder Identification

Valuable insights and feedback from our key stakeholders informed the preparation of this report. Through consultations in all our business units, including WINBU and OCC, we have identified the following groups as our key stakeholders:

Material Topics

Technical Working Group

Corporate Communications Department
Frances L. Ariola

Leyte Geothermal Business Unit
Lisa F. Daigan
Mariel Joy R. Maceda
Erwin B. Magallanes
Albert M. Azarcon
Leonita P. Sabando
Jennifer D. Wenceslao
Aldrine O. Almanzor

Negros Island Geothermal Business Unit
Marcial M. Alcarez
Norreen G. Bautista
Pacita P. Nuique
Abba Grace R. Sanchez
Aubrey A. Bangaysiso
Myrissa L. Tabao
Jayvi P. Valenzuela
Marie Christine C. Jamiana
Robert Marcellin T. Gajo
Jennifer F. Dayon
Maisie Kirstine Isobelle B. Cahambing
Marietta S. Roxas
Silvino D. Diputado
Leo A. Alon
Francis B. Saguban
Alex D. Faciolan
Rene V. Bolo
Ferdinand A. Lantaca
Noel R. Tan
Cromwell C. Ozoa
Cliff V. Z. Concepcion
Dominador S. Canatoy III
Cesar B. Villaflor
Oliver B. Devero
Russel P. Yocor
Joeny Q. Bermejo
Carl Vincent P. Dipaling
Nichole B. Macasero
Rhea F. Tumala
Jennifer Espartero-Dales
BacMan Geothermal Business Unit
Eduardo L Jimenez
Hazel M. Conda
Henry P. Roy, Jr.
Joselito O. Hatoc
Ramon A. Parafina III
Debbie Anne B. Mortega
Kristine Mae A. Silang
Leny D. Doctor
Zenda S. Revale
Rowena B. Daep
Abegail Y. Gatdula
Javier N. Rubis
Anthony G. Buising
Franklin N. Elizaga
Cheryl B. Mandane
Daryl B. Gamez
Michelle B. Madrona
Romeo G. Carmona
Paolo A. Digo
Ken Michael L. Florece
Christian B. Bongalos
James Patrick A. Benitez
Nora M. Africano
Mount Apo Geothermal Business Unit
Raymond D. Amido
Gabriel M. Aragon
Elmo Valentino F. Butardo
Cecil D. Canizar
Athena A. Custodio
Rederick B. Duran
Emmanuel H. Gelicame
Luis E. Gonzales
Maria Nancy P. Ibuna
Vicente G. Llorente
Sherwin Melvin Burton E. Lucas
Marisol dG. Pedregosa
Wind Ilocos Norte Business Unit
Rosalyn C. Arucan
Jansen Paul H. Chano
Amadeo S. Palacpac
Deborah G. Sabarre

First Gen Hydro Power Corporation
Rodante S. Daludado
Maria Christine T. Mapanao


• Association of Safety Practitioners of the Philippines, Inc.
• Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines
• Association of the Filipino for the Advancement of Geosciences, Inc.

• Bicol Grievance Machinery Advocates
• Bicol Region Power Industry Tripartite Council, Inc.
• Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Cotabato Council

• Chartered Financial Analysts Society of the
• Consejo Geotérmico Chileno, A. G. (Chilean
Geothermal Council)
• Cotabato Industrial Peace Advocates

• Geological Society of the Philippines
• Geothermal Resource Council
• Good Governance Advocates and Practitioners of the Philippines

• Information Systems and Control Association
• Information of Corporate Directors
• Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers of the Philippines
• Institute of Internal Auditors
• Institute of Corporate Directors Companies’ Circle
• Integrated Bar of the Philippines
• Integrated Chemists of the Philippines
• Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers
• International Association of Business Communicators
• International Association of Hydrogeologists
• International Geohazards Society
• International Geothermal Association

• Kananga Municipal Development Council – Kananga, Leyte
• Kapisanan ng mga Kimiko ng Pilipinas

• Labor and Management Industrial Peace Advocates, Inc.
• Labor Management Cooperation Practitioners Association – Cotabato
• League of Corporate Foundations

• Mount Apo Foundation, Inc.
• Mount Apo Natural Park Protected Area Management Board
• Mount Kanlaon Protected Area Management Board

• National Geothermal Association of the Philippines
• North Cotabato Geothermal Airshed Board

• Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc.
• People Management Association of the Philippines
• Philippine Business for the Environment
• Philippine Council for NGO Certification
• Philippine Eagle Foundation, Inc.
• Philippine Independent Power Producers Association
• Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
• Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers
• Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers, Inc.
• Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers
• Philippine Labor Management Cooperation
• Philippine League of Labor-Management Cooperation Practitioners, Inc.
• Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers
• Philippine Society of Nondestructive Testing
• Philippine Welding Society
• Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers, Inc.
• Project Management Institute
• Public Relations Society of the Philippines

• Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board Region 12
• Renewable Energy Coalition
• Renewable Energy Developers’ Council
• Rotary Club of Metro Kidapawan
• Rotary Club of Rizal Mideast, Rotary International District 3800

• Safety and Health Association of the Philippine Energy Sector, Inc.
• Small Grants Programme under the United Nations Development Programme

• Tax Managers Associations of the Philippines
• Toast Masters Club

• University of Asia & the Pacific – Business Economic Club

• Wind Energy Developers’ Association of the Philippines
• World Resources Institute

Our 2018 Sustainability Report

Our Performance Report tells the story of our efforts to achieve our business objectives, hand-in-hand with our sustainability aspirations.

Download the 2018 sustainability report