It will only get worse.

This is why we need to act now

In 2016, we set ourselves on a green path with the decision to forego traditional energy investments and pursue clean, low-carbon, renewable energy.

"We take the long-view on sustainability and profitability, and we operate our business with this in mind: our employees must be aqequately prepared, our facilities must not only be efficient, but also resilient to climate change, and we must be ready to scale up our operations to meet growing demand."

Richard B. Tantoco, EDC President and CEO

“Real and lasting shareholder value can only be had when we place the interests of all our stakeholders, our customers, the planet, and humanity at the center of everything we do.”

Federico R. Lopez, EDC Chairman


1. EDC makes the clean choice to give you a better choice.

We made the decision to focus our business on low-carbon, clean, renewable energy.
Today That decision enables others to put their own business on a more sustainable path.


Clients That Made The Switch to RE

The increasing number of companies making the switch to renewable energy is proof that, not only is it the smart choice for the climate and the environment, it is also a wise business investment.

As the leading renewable energy provider in the Philippines, EDC is in a position to help companies make the transition to clean and renewable energy. Beyond being a service provider, we also enable our clients and customers to make changes that will benefit not only their business operations, but also the environment.

In 2018, we grew our customer base, in terms of customer facilities, to 97, a 15.5% increase from 84 in 2017. This is further proof that more businesses and institutions are now understanding the impact of their operations on the environment, and this realization prompts them to explore different options in terms of smarter energy choices.

Given EDC’s leadership and longevity in the industry, it has the capability to support companies as they develop smart energy strategies. This greatly reduce the negative environmental impacts of their industrial and/or commercial operations, without sacrificing efficiency and productivity. A prime example would be EDC’s partnership with Continental Temic Electronics Philippines, a global automotive parts company. In 2018,Continental Temic contracted EDC to supply its facilities in Calamba, Laguna with renewable energy. Continental Temic’s agreement with EDC is for 2.7 megawatts (MW) of geothermal power for a period of two years. “We chose EDC for its 100% renewable energy and for its sustainability programs, which are aligned with our company values,” said Glenn Everett, General Manager of Continental Temic.

But it isn’t just newcomers making the switch to renewable energy. Long-term partnerships and returning customers provide a stronger case for the effectivity and reliability of renewable energy.

General Milling Corporation (GMC), a leading integrated food manufacturing company, renewed its contract with First Gen Corporation (First Gen), the parent company of EDC. Under this new contract, First Gen, through EDC, will provide GMC’s facility in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu with renewable energy. Beyond the benefits of clean energy, clients like GMC renew their contracts with EDC due to the high quality of service the company provides. “We chose to renew with First Gen and EDC because, aside from the pure renewable energy that they provide, we are very satisfied with their service. It is just like a renewal of vows for us,” said Joselito “Toto” Parco, Executive Vice President at GMC.

The De La Salle Health Science Institute (HSI), an academic institution, also renewed its contract with EDC to follow through with the next phase of its green initiative, which entails implementing energy solutions based on the results of an energy audit it conducted with EDC.

De La Salle Dasmarinas, another academic institution, installed a solar power system in various buildings inside its campus. The switch to solar energy helped the school realize a 4% reduction in energy consumption and in demand charges from the distribution utility.

These new and renewed partnerships validate that more companies are making the switch to renewable energy as a smart energy solution that strengthens business operations without sacrificing the welfare of the environment.

2. How renewable energy benefits you-and the climate

By switching to reneable energy, we avoid the carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.


Managing environmental impact for
climate action

Our decision to focus on clean, low-carbon, renewable energy was a response to the realization that “business as usual” was no longer a viable option. The effects of climate change are already evident in the increased incidence and severity of extreme weather events, and their associated impact on our natural ecosystems, economic activities, and the lives and livelihoods of local communities.

In 2017, we adopted the FPH Sustainability Framework, which is focused on system value and acknowledges that our business can only grow and prosper if the ecosystems and natural resources on which we depend also grow and prosper. As such, our activities focus on minimizing the negative impacts of our operations and enhancing the environmental conditions of our areas of responsibility.

Across all our project sites, we implement a comprehensive environmental stewardship program to monitor, protect, and rehabilitate the ecosystems within our areas of operation. While the renewable energy we produce is cleaner than traditional energy sources, we remain committed to environmental responsibility through our programs and initiatives that help us manage and reduce the negative environmental impacts of our operations. This includes our continuing efforts to monitor and manage our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other significant air pollutants, as well as our waste generation and water withdrawal.

In order to manage the environmental impact of our operations, EDC adheres to international standards and is certified against ISO 140001:2015 (Environmental Management System) in two of our facilities (MAGBU and SNGP). Furthermore, all EDC environmental and geoscientific laboratories are accredited for ISO/IEC 17025 to ensure our competence in testing and calibration.

Our effective emissions management mechanisms, coupled with our nationwide greening program, has allowed EDC to maintain its carbon negative status. We remain a carbon negative company as the vegetation in our geothermal reservations absorbed close to five times the amount of our CO2 emissions in 2018. Our forest protection initiatives resulted in the capture and storage of carbon at a rate of more than 1.1 million tons annually, which is equivalent to 3.9 million tons of CO2.

4. EDC has a track record of strong corporate social responsibility.

Our customers can take pride in the fact that they have chosen to work with a company that invests not only in its operations, but also shares value with its host communities.


Generating Value Beyond Our Business

our strategic CSR
programs benefit

44,496 invidividuals from 20,000 households

in our 47 primary partner barangays


PhP 127M

towards our strategic CSR programs

Our 2018 Sustainability Report

Our Performance Report tells the story of our efforts to achieve our business objectives, hand-in-hand with our sustainability aspirations.

Download the 2018 sustainability report