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The EDC journey is one that goes beyond providing employment. It is about giving individuals the opportunity to make significant contributions to society. We anchor it on building a culture of life-long learning so that everyone gains confidence and becomes accountable for tasks and decisions. Performance-orientation and continuous improvement are embedded in our ways of work to emphasize the importance of achieving desired results. And most of all, we promote collaboration so that everyone seeks to win as one team.

Exceeding expectations and working together to find solutions

BGBU teams tap into the spirit of community and excellence to deliver results

More efficient vehicle systems at BGBU Faced with the challenge of reducing transport expenses, while still ensuring that employees had access to the services they needed, the members of the BGBU Vehicle Optimization Team had their work cut out for them.

As part of the community at BGBU, they were committed to finding a solution that would satisfy all stakeholders. The team, led by Tonet de Veco, took a systematic approach to problem-solving. Her teammates Ching Vergara, Del Toralde, along with Abe Manansala of Accounting, gathered data on vehicle utilization to understand the problem at hand. They looked into security logs to obtain passenger statistics and also checked how vehicles assignments per group, to check on the usage.

Armed with the data, they called on the BGBU Admin Services Team, to help them validate the findings and review their recommendations. With Abet Gavarra taking the lead, the Admin Services team composed of Jonel Tan, Frank Elizaga, and Sid Cardeno studied the data and assessed whether the recommendations would have any adverse effects on BGBU’s operations. Based on the data, the Vehicle Optimization Team’s recommendation was to reduce the number of service vehicles to 11 units. With the concurrence of the Admin Services, the decision was finalized.

This decision did not only affect BGBU, but also its partner suppliers. Abe took the responsibility of facing the service providers and explaining the reason behind the decision to reduce the number of service vehicles that BGBU would contract.

The BGBU Vehicle Optimization Team also developed and implemented a centralized vehicle dispatching system. The service reduction and the centralized system are projected to reduce BGBU’s recurring OPEX for employee shuttle services by 24%.

Despite the difficulty of the task, the teams involved showed patience and resolve. By working together, a workable solution was developed to achieve a common goal--clearly demonstrating the Lopez value of unity. They showed courage to look at the possibilities, and the determination to turn ideas into reality exemplifies the pioneering entrepreneurial spirit that helps EDC achieve its objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

Spearheading safety improvements Safety is a critical concern for all EDC sites, and BGBU is no exception. While EDC teams focus on improving all aspects of safety performance, BGBU turned its attention on the issue of Motor Vehicle Incidents (MVI.)

From 2012-2016, MVIs comprised 11-44% of the total safety incidents in BGBU. Despite continuously implementing measures to address vehicle safety, through driver behavior programs and daily pre-use inspections, MVIs continued to be a concern.

BGBU tried a new approach by turning to technology to help solve the problem. Through the “Vehicle Optimization and Safety Monitoring Device”, the facility could monitor and track vehicles in use. This solution also went beyond addressing vehicle safety issues, by providing real-time data for analytics.

A multi-disciplinary team, led by Project Analyst Shyrel Castor, took on the challenge of project implementation. With members from Admin services, Roderick Flores, Alberto Gavarra, and Frank Elizaga; Safety and Health Services representative Joselito Hatoc, and Russel Mascardo, from Security, the team evaluated the demo units provided by potential vendors, made the selection, and led the installation of the GPS-based trackers and dashboard cameras on the existing service vehicles of BGBU.

With the implementation of the VOMD, each of BGBU’s service vehicles can be monitored real-time, for location, speed, and idling status. The device also prompts safer habits, as the service drivers are more cautious due to the presence of the dashboard camera. With continued consultation and support from all BGBU heads, the VOMD is now helping reduce motor vehicle safety incidents in the BU, as well as contributing to their vehicle optimization efforts.

Our Management
Social Development

The provision of clean renewable power is a critical factor of national development. Thus, our standard for leadership and excellence goes beyond the bottom line. We believe we do good business by doing good.

Throughout our value chain, we deal with various publics and commit to uplifting the lives of our internal and external stakeholders. These partners in social development include our employees, contractors, suppliers, host communities, energy industry alliances, media, the academe, non-government organizations, peoples’ organizations, local government units, government regulatory agencies, and our customers.

Our employment practices and workplace culture seek to bring out the best in people, and our corporate social responsibility programs conform to international best practices and respond to global investor expectations concerning sustainability. We seek to protect the human rights and enhance development opportunities as we deal with them.

To us, this is what it means for a company to be Powered by Good.

Employment We encourage sustainable value creation for our employees through an established performance management system and individual development plans and the design of our compensation and benefits package. We

highlight the need for regular discussion between the managers and employees on career and individual development. Our compensation programs is guided by principles that enable us to achieve our primary reward objectives, which are: to keep rewards competitive in the relevant markets; to align rewards with the individual, team performance and company's performance; to send the right message; and to deliver the appropriate total value. At the same time, EDC strives to identify the optimal rewards and recognition mix i.e., monetary and non-monetary, to attract, retain, engage and motivate effectively all employees.

Labor-Management Relations We seek to maintain good management-employee relations to promote industrial harmony in the workplace, which is characterized by continuous communication and dialogue, good faith and transparency, fairness and

cooperation. A labor-relations policy is found in our Policy Manual, and there are provisions for the creation of labor-management councils in all our collective bargaining agreements.

Occupational Health and Safety. We seek to promote positive safety culture across the organization. Our new Corporate Health and Safety Policy provides for a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, and various stakeholders. Our

Health and Safety Center of Excellence translates the policy into health and safety strategies, programs, and standards for uniform and consistent information and application across all units of EDC. We also comply with international guidelines and standards on labor and occupational health and safety (OHS).We have fleet-wide safety training with experts for employees and contractors to ensure safety management throughout operations. We have a Contractor Health and Safety Management Program requiring them to attend and pass the Safety Passport Training before entry and work in EDC workplaces. Our third-party agreements also require compliance with the Independent Contractor Health, Safety, and Environment Requirement.We collect, maintain, and monitor all necessary health and safety performance data through incident reporting and record management to measure the performance and effectiveness of the Health and Safety Management System and facilitate its continual improvement. Regular assessments and internal and external audits seek to ensure the effectiveness of the management system in managing OHS risk. Our targets are zero fatality, zero lost-time incident, and a total recordable incident rate of 0.1.

Training and Education EDC trains its employees to be the best in their chosen fields of expertise. We believe that a highly trained and motivated employee can fortify the company’s geothermal leadership position and its reputation for global

excellence. To maintain this alignment, it is our policy to support the employees’ training and education both in the Philippines and abroad and finance relevant post-graduate courses and training in specialized non-degree courses. A leadership development program supports succession planning and management, and we make it a point to monitor the career development of each staff. We ensure the provision of skills management and lifelong learning programs for the employees’ continued employability or their transition to retirement.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity We believe in upholding equal opportunity in the workplace. Our Wage and Salary Administration Policy states that employees who demonstrate their abilities through satisfactory job performance are given preference for

promotions and upgrading opportunities. It is also our policy to accord courteous reception to everyone seeking employment with the company. Employees are appraised and compensated based on their performance and not their gender.

Supplier Assessment for Labor Practices
and Impacts on Human Rights
EDC’s commitment to protect labor and promote employee rights extends to its suppliers. We only deal with legal contractors that comply with labor laws and have no labor or human rights cases filed against them. Our

contract terms and conditions stipulate that the independent contractor must strictly abide with all applicable laws pertaining to labor, employment, and contracting. The supplier must fulfill all its legal obligations to its personnel, such as compensation, wages and or fees and all mandatory benefits related to labor, social security, health and taxes. Part of the vendor’s documentary requirements for payment is the submission of an affidavit of compliance with minimum wage, and other mandatory statutory benefits of the government, such as SSS and Philhealth.

Labor Practices and Human Rights Grievance Mechanisms Our Whistleblower policy allows employees, customers, shareholders, as well as other stakeholders to raise and report serious concerns involving labor practices and human rights violations, including illegal and

questionable activities or omissions, unethical behavior, fraud and other malpractices prior to seeking resolution outside the company without fear of harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment consequence. Our Whistleblower Policy laid down the procedures for whistleblowing, as well as the rights and responsibilities of the involved parties.

Health and Safety Performance

Our 2018 Sustainability Report

Our Performance Report tells the story of our efforts to achieve our business objectives, hand-in-hand with our sustainability aspirations.

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