The Corporate Governance Manual

Section 1, Subject 1 Introduction: General Provisions
Section 1, Subject 2 Definitions and Interpretation
Section 2, Subjects 1-3 Compliance System, Compliance Officer, Duties of Compliance Officer, Disclosure of Appointment of Compliance Officer
Section 3 Board Responsibility, Board Accountability
Section 4, Subject 1 Composition Qualifications of Directors Disqualifications of Directors -Permanent Disqualification -Temporary Disqualification
Section 4, Subject 2 Independent Directors, Term Limits of Independent Directors, Lead Independent Director
Section 4, Subject 3-5 General Responsibilities of the Board, Specific Duties and Functions of the Board, Specific Duties and Functions of a Director
Section 4, Subject 6-8 Board meetings and Quorum Requirement, Non-Executive Directors’ Meeting, Adequate and Timely Information
Section 4, Subject 9-10 Training / Orientation Process, Evaluation System
Section 5, Subject 1-2 Board Committees; General Provisions Composition
Section 5, Subject 3, 4, 4A-4F Charter Requirement, General Duties and Functions of Board Committees, NCC, AGC, RMC, CSRC, OpsCom, RPTC
Section 6, Subject 1 Specific Duties and Functions, The Chairman, The President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Corporate Secretary and Asst. Corporate Secretary
Section 7 Remuneration of Directors and Officers
Section 8, Subject 1-4 Internal Audit Functions, Guidelines on Organizational and Procedural Controls, Functions of, and Restrictions on External Auditors
Section 9, Subject 1-10 Commitment to Respect Stockholders’ Rights, Voting Right, Pre-Emptive Right, Inspection Right, Right To Information, Right to Dividends, Appraisal Right, Duty to promote Stockholders’ Rights, Commitment to disclose Material Information, Disclosure of the Company’s Corporate Governance Policies
Section 10-12 Investor Relations, Penalties for Non-Compliance With the Manual, Alternative Dispute Resolution