Working at EDC

Our employees are our partners in achieving our mission. To do this, we strive to match our employees’ individual career aspirations with our organizational goals, and create an environment that capitalizes on mutual ambition.

We grow our talents and we are dedicated to continuous development. We develop by leveraging on a blend of learning experiences and deliberate growth opportunities, while attending to all facets of our employees’ well-being. This holistic approach allows our employees to perform their roles in the best way possible and find fulfilment.

Our leaders are at the forefront of promoting a culture of high performance, where recognition and rewards are not only based on employee’s individual and team contributions, but also on how performance is delivered and goals are achieved. We encourage relationships built on respect and a personal connection to our vision.

Our global leadership and expertise is built on a diverse professional workforce that collectively thrives in adverse and uncertain times. Given our legacy of growth, innovation, and resilience, our employees have proven that they are geared to face any challenge.