Board Strategy Meetings

In September 7, 2016 and October 12, 2017, the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) held a meeting in which to discuss issues on strategic direction and guidance for the company. 


The board affirmed EDC’s mission and vision and analyzed the current and future operating environment given the disruptions from coal, oil, and solar energy sources. The BOD assessed its capability to capitalize on major opportunities and determined strategies for company growth as the energy industry shifts to a new paradigm. 


2016 Strategic Planning Attendees: nine (9) members of the board, including Chairman/CEO Federico R. Lopez, President/COO Richard B. Tantoco, and all of EDC’s independent directors 


2017 Strategic Planning Attendees: Messrs. Federico R. Lopez, Richard B. Tantoco, Jonathan C. Russell, Joaquin E. Quintos IV, David Simon Luboff, David Andrew Baldwin, Christopher Low Eu Sun, and all independent directors, Messrs. Edgar O. Chua, Francisco Ed. Lim and Manuel I. Ayala. Also in attendance were Chairman Emeritus Oscar M. Lopez, Corporate Secretary Bernadette Ann V. Policarpio, and Assistant Corporate Secretary Ana Maria A. Katigbak.

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