Protecting the environment is one of EDC’s top priorities. In addition to having a 100% renewable energy portfolio, EDC also has an extensive environment program being implemented across all project sites of the company. This portfolio includes forest restoration, protection of forests within watersheds, advocacy and mainstreaming of Philippine native trees, biodiversity conservation, and support to local communities within the company’s areas of operation on developing social/conservation enterprises.

Our Banner Environment Program

EDC BINHI has become one of the most widely-recognized privately-initiated environmental programs in the country. With the tagline “Let the future take root,” BINHI aims to restore denuded forests; preserve and propagate threatened native tree species, and protect biodiversity to leave a legacy of a verdant Philippines for the next generation.

Reforestation and Rehabilitation of Degraded Forest Areas

Since 2008, EDC BINHI has planted over 6.8 million seedlings of indigenous forest trees and fruit-bearing tree species in around 10,140 hectares of degraded and open forests in watersheds and protected areas.

Rescue and Propagation of Native Tree Species

At the heart of EDC BINHI is the mission to protect, conserve, and propagate threatened Philippine native tree species. EDC collaborates with academic institutions, NGOs, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and other private sector partners to promote and safeguard 96 premium Philippine native tree species. Many of these species are critically endangered or on the verge of extinction.


These tree specimens are propagated through EDC’s Vegetative Material Reproduction (VMR) facilities, resulting in seedlings planted with BINHI partners nationwide.


EDC and its 206 BINHI partners have established 33 botanical gardens and arboreta, along with 88 forest communities. These locations function as secure sanctuaries to protect threatened native tree species. The long-term objective is to develop these areas into “mother trees” capable of producing viable seeds for future generations.


8.8 Million Seedlings

of indigenous forest trees and fruit-bearing tree species planted


10,140 Hectares

of degraded and open forest in watersheds and protected areas covered


BINHI Partners




Vegetative Material Reproduction (VMR) Facilities


Species of Fauna

Documented Through Biodiversity Monitoring

Social Enterprise

EDC BINHI’s forest restoration efforts have supported over 100 community associations nationwide, empowering them with sustainable livelihood opportunities. By implementing agroforestry practices and fostering enterprise development, BINHI has established alternative sources of income for these communities and helped raise awareness about the importance of preserving the biodiversity and integrity of our local ecosystems.

Forest Protection

Since May 2007, EDC has been the resource manager of four geothermal reservations in Leyte, Negros Oriental, Sorsogon/Albay, and Cotabato. As part of our comprehensive environmental programs, we actively support forest protection initiatives that align with our objectives. Our forest protection efforts involve the establishment of barangay forest protection brigades, collaboration with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for environmental law enforcement, and conducting public information campaigns within the project sites.

Biodiversity Conservation

EDC is committed to conserving flora and fauna within its project areas by implementing the Biodiversity Conservation and Monitoring Program (BCMP). This program effectively manages and mitigates the potential impacts of geothermal operations on the environment. Within our project sites, a diverse range of wildlife thrives, including 344 bird species, 39 volant mammal species, 51 amphibian species, 53 reptile species, and 25 non-volant mammal species.

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