Disclosure and Transparency

Fostering a Strong Investor Relations Program

Our Investor Relations Office aims to generate investor interest and loyalty to EDC. It strives to provide timely, complete, and accurate information when determining EDC’s share value, and operates upon principles of openness, consistency, and equal access to information.

Outside of the stockholders’ meetings, EDC keeps its investors, stockholders, and stakeholders informed, through disclosures and updates posted in the Company’s website (https://www.energy.com.ph). For 2020, the Company made a total of nineteen (19) structured and unstructured disclosures.

In addition to the ASM and its updates and disclosures, the Company placed appropriate mechanisms, which allow its stockholders, other stakeholders, and the public at large to participate and give their feedback and complaints. These feedback mechanisms include the Whistleblower Hotline, the EDC website (energy.com.ph), the contact information of EDC’s Investor Relations Office, and the contact information for the Data Protection Officer.