BINHI Tree for the Future book captures EDC’s efforts to save endangered Philippine trees

BINHI Tree For The Future is the story of EDC’s search and rescue of 96 of the most endangered species of Philippine trees. Present during the unveiling is DENR Sec. Gina Lopez  (center) together with (L-R) EDC President Richard B. Tantoco, EDC Chairman Federico R. Lopez, Lopez Group Chairman Emeritus Oscar M. Lopez and Technical author Prof. Pat Malabrigo of UPLB.

Now it can be told. An ambitious project of the Energy Development Corporation (EDC) to search, rescue and secure almost a hundred of the most endangered species of Philippine trees has resulted in one of the country’s most successful biodiversity conservation projects.


And the daunting task of looking for the premium species—a number of which are nearing extinction—and propagating them, has produced a reference material that tells the compelling story of the rebirth of the country’s native hardwood in forests.


BINHI Tree for the Future is a coffee-table book that chronicles the scientifically-backed search and rescue efforts of EDC and its partners, including the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, to save 96 native trees from disappearing in Philippine forests, growing the wildlings and seeds using technology that they continue to develop, and planting the seedlings with the help of various socio-civic partners nationwide.


EDC has recently launched the BINHI Tree for the Future coffee-table book to further its goal of spreading awareness of the threatened Philippine native tree species and appreciation of their ecological and economic value, especially among the younger generation of Filipinos. EDC is the only organization in the country with a serious program focused on saving premium Philippine native trees from extinction.


“The book is the product of several years’ worth of hard work of EDC and its partners in rescuing and securing 96 premium and threatened indigenous species under the BINHI Tree for the Future module, and we are very happy to be able to finally share this with the greater public, especially the youth,” shared EDC Chairman Emeritus Dr. Oscar M. Lopez, in his message featured in the book.


A limited edition publication, the book is intended to be distributed to selected schools nationwide as well as private organizations which have a stake in environmental conservation.


The book launch, held at the Rockwell Business Center, was attended by top EDC officials, including Chairman Emeritus Dr. Oscar M. Lopez, Chairman and CEO Federico Lopez, President Richard Tantoco; and Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Regina Paz L. Lopez.


Aside from presenting the profiles of all 96 endangered species—their scientific and local names, distribution, and “rescue and secure” stories—BINHI Tree for the Future also highlights how EDC and its partners have successfully germinated and grown the gene pool of premium and threatened Philippine trees through a vegetative material reproduction facility which uses the country’s first-ever automated mist-irrigation system.


Also captured in the pages of BINHI Tree for the Future are stories of how EDC’s propagation partners are helping grow future mother trees—capable of producing flowers, fruits, and seeds—with the help of students and young children, the future stewards of the environment. Some of the 131 partners include the UP Biology-EDC BINHI Threatened Species Arboretum, UPLB-EDC Biodiversity Park, Philippine Science High School, University of St. La Salle-Bacolod, University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, Rafael M. Salas Park and Nature Center Foundation, and BenCab Art Foundation, Inc.


In his message, national artist BenCab said that he is proud to partner with BINHI in propagating indigenous trees of the Philippines. “Since we first planted the seedlings, we now have many growing trees on the slopes of the eco-trail that is enjoyed by thousands of visitors every month. As part of our mission to preserve Cordillera traditions and promote Philippine arts and culture, we share the passion of BINHI, the Energy Development Corporation, Mr. Oscar Lopez, and the Lopez Group in protecting the natural environment for future generations”


During the unveiling of BINHI Tree for the Future, its technical author, Prof. Pastor Malabrigo Jr. talked about the relentless efforts of EDC in combing the country’s forests as it hurdled different challenges during the “search and rescue” mission.


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