The Bacman Eye: EDC’s trusty tool for structural mapping

By JJT Dimababayao | CI Idea | Sustainability and Geosciences


QUICK READ: Bacman Geothermal Project geologists’ use of drones prove to be useful for survey planning.


Walking is hard enough in the jungle, but what if you can somehow fly?


In June 2019, our EDC geologists in the Bacman Geothermal Project (BGP) started their task of structural mapping. The purpose of the activity was to look for structures—or geologic faults on the ground where geothermal fluids may flow—in the project site. These structures are important because they have the possibility to become permeable targets for injection wells that serve as recipients of geothermal fluids from the surface. This process ensures that geothermal resources are always renewed and replenished.


Meanwhile, the “Bacman Eye,” a drone operated by the Security Group, was already being used for security purposes and geohazard assessments. Noticing the efficiency of the drone to survey an area, our geologists realized that it can also be used to aid them with their structural mapping tasks.


The idea to use the drone for survey planning was soon put to the test. The drone was immediately recognized as a very important tool in planning for an efficient survey. Each time before the geologists left the drop-off point, the drone would fly ahead to look for any indication of structures that may be hidden under the forest canopy, as well as areas where hot springs may be located. The bird’s-eye view provided by the drone helped in planning the routes the geologist would take—it also saved them time and prevent them from getting lost. The team was able to maximize the drone and add a modern twist to how they did their structural mapping.


For our geologists, the use of technologies like the Bacman Eye enables them to cover more ground during their structural mapping activities while keeping them safe and even helping them find their way back.





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