EDC honors its Rock Stars in Employee Recognition and Service Awards

Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has recognized its 200 service awardees who have been employees of the company for at least 10 years in its recently held virtual service awards and employee recognition ceremonies.   


Now in its 45th year of generating 100% renewable energy (RE), EDC likewise included over 40 individuals and groups among its workforce that have received external recognition in this year’s recognition ceremonies.



In its blast-in-the-past-themed “EDC Rocks” virtual celebration, the company honored employees who rock in championing their commitment to excellence as they help the company fulfill its mission to forge collaborative pathways for a decarbonized and regenerative future and maintain its stature as the country’s largest 100% RE producer amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that the whole world has been battling with since last year.


According to EDC President and COO Mr. Richard B. Tantoco, the blessings outweigh the challenges and losses from the crisis as the company continues to receive overwhelming support for its regenerative mission. Thus, he expressed his gratitude to the employees for their efforts, agility, and dedication even while dealing with their personal pandemic-related challenges, which all make them the company’s Rock Stars. 


“I’m especially happy because we collectively share a purpose and continue to find ways to elevate each other, our environment, and our stakeholders during this pandemic. These external awards and major achievements of both teams and individuals that we recognize today are some of the shining examples of what each of us has done during the pandemic,” he shared, further highlighting hope as they navigate this tough time and prepare for the recovery to come.


For Mr. Samuel Ramirez, one of the awardees from Leyte Facility Operations & Maintenance, the hardships that he braved in his 30 years of service strengthened his character. He shared that the harmonious relationship between management and employees helps lighten his load and paves the way for his continued success. 


“I’d like to thank EDC for giving me the opportunity to serve the company for 30 years despite so many challenges — work-related and even family-related trials. If you ask me why I stayed with EDC, I only have one answer: EDC makes me a real man and turns my dreams into reality,” he added.  


Among EDC’s achievers from 2020-2021 who were recognized were individuals and teams that won external awards from various award-giving bodies here and abroad for their exemplary performance in communications, occupational safety, environmental protection, conservation, and management. These include the Safety and Health Association of the Philippines Energy Sector (SHAPES) Outstanding Safety and Health Professionals, Gawad Tugas Award, ACES Awards, DOLE’s Safety Seal Certification Program, The Anvil Awards, and The Philippine Quill Awards. 


Bo Sanchez gave his inspirational message on the importance of gratitude to achieve happiness, while Juris and the Jam 403 band graced the event to entertain the awardees and their families. It was capped off with a special tribute to the two awardees and one organizing team member that EDC lost to COVID-19. This celebration of life and milestones is the company’s way of appreciating the hard work and innovative contributions of their workforce that will live on for years to come. 


Ma. Elizabeth D. Nasol, EDC’s Senior Vice President-HRMG, refers to the awardees as the strong foundation of their organization, hence the term “EDC Rocks.” She encouraged the employees and leaders to “keep on rocking” amidst any circumstances. 


The Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is a pioneer in generating 100% clean, renewable, and reliable power as an electricity supplier in the Philippines for over 40 years. With power plants all over Visayas and Mindanao, the company is one of the biggest producers of geothermal energy in Asia and is expanding its reach in the international market, allowing it to offer customers affordable energy rates. EDC also strives to provide the best customer service it can to all its clients by having helpful salespeople and easy to understand contracts. Because of all of this, it is poised to become the premier supplier of electricity for the Philippines’ Green Energy Option Program. EDC takes its mission as a renewable energy provider seriously and goes beyond sustainability by investing in programs that enhance the environment and empower its partner communities, thereby fostering regenerative development. The company has also been working toward being carbon-neutral by improving its energy efficiency, as well as implementing various greening projects to ensure that its mission to provide future generations with a better life remains intact.