Elevate together at 48

In a simple yet heartwarming town hall gathering, First Gen-owned Energy Development Corporation marked its 48th anniversary alongside its esteemed leaders and steadfast employees. The occasion served as an opportunity for recently appointed President and COO Jerome H. Cainglet, and Vice Chairman and CEO Francis Giles Puno, to forge deeper connections with their EDC Kapamilya.

As the company celebrates this significant milestone, a sense of optimism and resolve permeated the atmosphere. While challenges may undoubtedly arise, there was a collective assurance that united in purpose, EDC stands prepared to tackle them head-on.


Celebrating 48 years of excellence

Over the course of 48 years, EDC has played a pivotal role in reducing the country’s carbon footprint, delivering 1,484.13 megawatts of clean, sustainable power from various renewable energy sources such as geothermal, hydro, wind, and solar. By opting for EDC’s clean energy alternatives over carbon-intensive fuels, the Philippines successfully avoided emitting 6.6 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2022 alone.

Geothermal power remains the holy grail of renewable energy, offering the ability to supply baseload or 24/7 power reliably throughout the year. Serving as the cornerstone of EDC’s operations for nearly 50 years, this clean and reliable energy source has propelled the company to become the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal energy producer with 1,189.34 MW installed geothermal capacity. Through time, EDC has not only solidified its global leadership but also elevated the country to the position of being the third largest geothermal energy producer worldwide.


Elevating everything we touch

Introduced in 2020, EDC’s revitalized mission underscores its commitment to fostering a regenerative future that extends beyond generating 100 percent clean, renewable, and reliable energy. Its initiatives in education, vocational training, and environmental conservation have benefited its 121 host communities. SIKAT, its banner education program, has supported 305 scholars since 2011. Alongside SIKAT is the Keitech Educational Foundation, Inc. (Keitech) which has produced 1,276 graduates in construction, metal and engineering, and tourism services since its inception in 2009, providing essential skills to Leyte’s out-of-school youth.

In the realm of environmental conservation, EDC’s BINHI program stands as a beacon of biodiversity preservation, safeguarding endangered native tree species and restoring thousands of hectares of forestland. Since the program’s inception in 2008, it has collaborated with 214 total partners, documented 549 species of fauna, and restored 10,140 hectares of denuded forest. With a focus on community empowerment and ecological stewardship, these initiatives epitomize EDC’s holistic approach to regeneration, leaving a lasting positive impact on the lives of Filipinos.

In addition to its initiatives in education, vocational training, and environmental conservation, EDC was also named as an employer of choice. In 2022, HR Asia, a leading publication for human resources professionals and talent management executives, recognized EDC as one of the best companies to work for in Asia. 

EDC’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) excellence and sustainability practices has been underscored by its recognition as an ESG champion at the esteemed Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) 2023. The company’s Integrated Report for 2021 showcases its regenerative strategy and unwavering dedication, solidifying EDC’s pivotal role as a driving force in combating climate change and promoting sustainable development across Asia.


Looking ahead

EDC’s path toward reshaping the renewable energy sector in the Philippines has been a journey filled with both triumphs and trials. Much like the enduring saga of the company’s Tongonan Geothermal Power Plant, which has weathered four decades of challenges, this journey epitomizes strength and perseverance. Despite facing numerous hurdles along the way, the Tongonan plant has emerged as a beacon of excellence within the geothermal landscape. Its story mirrors that of EDC itself — a narrative of resilience, determination, and eventual triumph.

As EDC’s Vice Chairman Francis Giles Puno aptly remarked, “Things for sure will not always go our way. We need to be able to react in a way that our goals can still be accomplished. We need to persist! As a united crew, we are ready for whatever comes our way.” This sentiment encapsulates the company’s spirit — refusing to be deterred by obstacles and remaining steadfast in its pursuit of a decarbonized and regenerative future.

In his closing remarks, EDC President and COO Jerome H. Cainglet articulated a bold vision for the future, emphasizing 2024 as the year in which EDC would solidify its long-term success. Utilizing the mnemonic device EDC — Elevate, Dig Deep, Collaborate — Cainglet outlined a strategic roadmap for achieving this milestone, igniting a collective commitment to realizing the company’s vision of regenerative growth.

As EDC embarks on the next phase of its journey, the spirit of collaboration, resilience, and innovation remains steadfast. With a legacy built on excellence and a vision rooted in regeneration, the company stands poised to shape a brighter future for generations to come, elevating together toward a shared vision of a decarbonized and regenerative future.

Energy Development Corporation (EDC) is First Gen Corporation’s 100% Renewable Energy (RE) subsidiary with over 1,480MW total installed capacity that accounts for 20% of the country’s total installed RE capacity. Its 1,185MW geothermal portfolio comprises 62% of the country’s total installed geothermal capacity, making the Philippines the third largest geothermal producer in the world. First Gen is the Philippines’ leading clean energy company.