MY SIKAT STORY: The Young Artist from Balili

QUICK READ: Jan Marc Arabe, a scholar of the SIKAT program of Energy Development Corporation, shines through his artwork.


By Rafael A. Duhaylungsod and Jayvi P. Valenzuela


“Upon knowing na qualified ko as a SIKAT scholar lipay jud kaau ko kay like grateful jud kaau ko kay dako jud kaayung tabang ang EDC sa ako pag eskwela,” gushed Jan Marc Arabe who hails from Barangay Balili, Valencia when he qualified for Energy Development Corporation’s (EDC) SIKAT Program. He is currently pursuing his baccalaureate degree in mechanical engineering in his second year at the Negros Oriental State University in Dumaguete City.


The second child in four siblings, Jan Marc has been a consistent scholar of EDC since grade seven. His father passed away when he was nine years old. He currently lives with his mother, a barangay health worker, who works hard order to provide for her four children.


Talented as he is, Jan Marc took the initiative of helping his mother by accepting various drawing and painting works. His earnings from his artworks have somehow helped them financially but not on a regular basis.



According to him, studying in junior and senior high school at Pulangbato National High School is not a big problem because of the financial assistance of EDC intended for his miscellaneous and other school monetary obligations.


As he ventures to college, he aspires to become a licensed mechanical engineer someday. He pointed out his earnest desire is to be part of the EDC workforce in the future, earning a good salary for his mother and three siblings.


He is most grateful as well to the EDC Management for the scholarship grant and for his new laptop and WiFi modem which he needs for his online classes during this pandemic period. “So karun nga pandemic, makaingun jud ko nga dako kaau ang natabang ni EDC sa akoa ug sa akong pamilya. Pasalamat kaau ko sa EDC labi na karun sa pandemya nga di kaau makatrabaho si Mama, pamuhi lang ug hayopan ug ginagmay ang pamaligya.”


SIKAT is EDC’s college scholarship program. It supports academic scholarships in state universities and colleges (SUCs) including the University of the Philippines (UP), technical-vocational courses, as well as talent or skill-based tracks (e.g. music, arts, and sports). SIKAT expresses EDC’s aspirations for all its scholars across the country because it believes that investing in quality education will help transform the scholars into future change drivers in their respective host communities and spheres of influence.


Jan Marc is one of the 27 SIKAT scholars in Negros. Overall, EDC has 110 scholars enrolled this school year.


Interested to tap Jan Marc’s talent? You may visit his Instagram account: See sample drawings for reference.





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