Richard B. Tantoco Milestone: 25 Years In FPH

Head, Human Resource Management Group


When I was invited to say something about Ricky Tantoco’s milestone of 25 years of service in FPH/FGen, I eagerly accepted the opportunity to add my own input to what I expect would probably be volumes of stories and anecdotes about a very beloved figure in our organization.


One reason why I looked forward to honoring Ricky on his milestone is that this is my way of thanking him, in turn, for introducing me some years back to a low-profile renewable energy subsidiary of the FPH Group. Yes, it was he who actually helped convince me to join him in Energy Development Corporation where he is our President and Chief Operating Officer. 


I remember talking to Ricky then and sensing his genuine excitement when he described his plans for the future of EDC. Fast-forward to the present and I can say that it continues to be a fulfilling journey for me as well as the HRMG Head of the company because Ricky himself has proven to be our Number 1 HR Partner in all our people programs. 


Based on my more than 40 years of experience as an HR professional, please allow me to focus on three qualities of Ricky that make him such an ideal people-oriented leader: 


Ricky is a very compelling communicator. Whether he is talking to our employees in our town hall meetings or in the series of letters that he takes time to write to our employees since the pandemic began, everyone feels that Ricky is talking directly to them. He is able to express his ideas clearly and he understands with the same clarity the ideas of the people he is communicating with. That’s why it’s always a pleasure to talk to Ricky. 


Another key quality I admire about Ricky is that he is a lifelong learner. He is never satisfied with what he knows and continues to expand his knowledge—in both work and his personal interests. This makes Ricky a forward-thinking leader who always keeps a clear view of what he wants our organization to become. As a result, he keeps an open mind and translates what he learns to concrete steps that promote the growth and elevate the work experience of our employees. 


Most important of all, Ricky sincerely cares for people. Conversations with Ricky are never limited to work-related matters. When he is with fellow employees, he makes it a point to ask about their families and loved ones as well. I think it merely reflects how he is with his own family. We know that he is a devoted son, that he adores his wife, and is a proud father to his sons. That’s why in all the challenges and difficulties that our employees faced through the years, we all remained strong and were able to focus on our roles because we knew Ricky had our backs including our own families covered. 


For these reasons alone, but I’m sure there are much more, I can say that we are all truly fortunate that we are his extended family in FPH, First Gen, and EDC. 


On behalf of our employees in EDC, I wish to congratulate you Ricky for another key milestone in your blessed career.


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