Social responsibility strengthens EDC’s business leadership. Our governance framework ensures that CSR is a priority agenda. It is our commitment to uplift the quality of lives of our communities as it aligns with EDC’s vision, mission, and values.

Today, the concept of shared value and inclusive growth has become more ingrained in EDC CSR programs and practices as we continuously push for the sustainable business model that aligns with the pressing environmental and social needs of our communities.

EDC CSR creates effective platforms to protect its watersheds and to engage its communities in various programs that will not only uplift them socio-economically but will also instill environmental stewardship. 

Our Host Communities

Our CSR Policy Statement

EDC is committed to promoting social prosperity and environmental stewardship through the implementation of a comprehensive, responsive, and sustained program on social responsibility, in partnership with its stakeholders and in keeping with its energy objectives. EDC’s CSR framework supports the achievement of the company’s objectives as it creates shared value to the environment and the improvement of the quality of life of host communities.

CSR Pillars


We ensure efficiency and effectiveness of our programs through strategic partnerships that allow us to make a difference in a sustainable manner while meeting our business objectives.

Responsible Business

We ensure compliance with regulations, align with government priorities, and work in line with our reputation as a clean and green company.

Strategic Social

We ensure that our investments in social programs allow us to achieve significant and meaningful social impacts for our host communities.

Our CSR Banner Programs

Over the years, EDC has implemented a comprehensive CSR strategy that spanned multiple development areas across five project sites. To ensure integration and synergy of CSR programs with EDC’s operations, our CSR programs underwent comprehensive assessment and realignment to select those that highly demonstrate the principle of shared value.

Among these programs, education and environment were found to be the most relevant in achieving the company’s goal of developing self-reliant communities across its areas of operations.